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Facebook Messenger is the app of its kind that collects the most data from users

We all know that when we use a certain app, part of our data is being collected by its system. And there are some platforms that collect more personal data than others.

According to a recent study, Facebook Messenger is the messaging app that collects the most data from users.
In this study, 82% of the participants accept the measures that the various technology companies are implementing as a way to limit data collection.

In turn, 76% do not like receiving targeted online ads and want this practice to end. Already 68% consider that data privacy is very important. Interestingly, however, 11% more men than women say they don’t mind targeted online ads.
Facebook Messenger tops the list as the app that collects the most data from users. Cisco Webex Meetings, on the other hand, collects the least amount of data.

Not surprisingly, in social media, Facebook is also the platform that stores the most personal data.

Source: pplware

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