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Geo-blocking on the Internet – how to get around it?

Nowadays geo-blocking still happens, whether due to licensing and copyright issues, government decisions or other factors. It is a situation that affects all users, worldwide, regardless of regime. The message shown “Content is not available in your country” comes up when you least expect it.

What to do in these situations? Is it possible to bypass geo-blocking?

Geo-blocking is a way of limiting access to certain websites based on geographical location. It is most common in the video streaming industry, but it is also used as a means to restrict access to social media, news sites, dating sites, and so many others.

Blocking works by locating your IP address. In simple and succinct terms, your IP address is like your real home address – it provides the whole system with your location, so as soon as your country is identified, you are blocked.

How to get around geo-blocking?

Without a doubt, a VPN is the most effective way to bypass geo-blocking in a secure and private way.

The virtual private network, or VPN, will mask our real IP address and replace it with one that is based in a different country.

A VPN will help a lot. Even better if you can try one that, if you don’t like it, you can always get your money back, i.e. test it for free.

Source: pplware

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