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Gmail users will be able to save images directly to Google Photos

The novelty is in the launch phase and in the next 15 days will reach all Gmail users, who will now have their lives easier to save images on Google Photos.

Gmail has a new feature that facilitates the direct transfer of photos received in email to the brand’s image storage service, Google Photos.

The new feature is currently being rolled out and in the next 15 days will become available to all users. It makes the process of saving images easier, which is now possible even without opening a photo attached to an email message.

The Save to Pictures option will appear in the menu on the upper right side of the image, which appears when previewing an image attached to an email, right next to the button that allows downloading it. Initially it is only available for JPEG files.

The option to directly save images to Photos will also become available directly from the image, without the need to preview it. On the right side of the image, at the bottom, the button for downloading the photo will be joined by a new button with this option.

So far Google Photos has worked without limits for free photo storage. As of June 1 the service can only be used free of charge to store a maximum of 15 GB, a limit shared with other free Google services such as Gmail.

Source: SapoTek

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