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Google gives us some tips to avoid fake news

Fake news, or fake news, continues to proliferate on the Internet and social media.

Google has been cooperative in fighting this scourge and, more than trying to block the creation of this content, knows that it is of utmost importance to promote digital literacy.

In this sense, it presented 7 tips that all users can follow to avoid fake news:

1. Check the credibility of your sources
When searching the web, make sure that the site you are visiting is the best source of information for your research.

2. Search for news coverage
Better than one source, is multiple sources. See how different media outlets have reported on the same event to get a more complete picture on a certain subject.

3. Do more than one research
A simple research on a complex topic may not be enough to find the answer to a question. Doing 2 or 3 surveys offers a range of perspectives and reliable sources.

4. Checking if an image is being used in the right context
An image can be used out of context, or edited with the aim of manipulating the user. The user in turn has the option of searching Google using an image to see if it has appeared online before and in what context.

5. Check fact-checking sites
If there is doubt about the veracity of a piece of information, you might want to take the test: search for a topic on Fact Check Explorer, which brings together more than 100,000 fact-checks from credible media outlets around the world.

6. Use Google Earth or Street View to verify the location
If the user wants to know if a photo is really of the location it claims to be, simply search for that same location on Google Earth or Street View on Google Maps to confirm the credibility of the information.

7. Not including the answer in the search question
Many times we decide to learn more about a particular topic when we already suspect an answer. But including that answer in the search process can influence the results of the search itself.

Source: Pplware

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