30/12/2021 digic

iFlont has arrived in the digital world with digic

The iFlont brand represents each one of us. It includes us in the need for health and well-being, environmental sustainability, respect for others and for animals.

Its claimer: “Commitment to myself” – says it all. Only by committing to ourselves first can we be well enough to commit to others and to greater causes!

Our team had the honor of turning this idea, these values, into a concrete reality in the digital world. Thus, last December, 17th 2021 we published the directory iFlont.com – https://iflont.com/.

In this directory you will find the establishments in the area of beauty, aesthetics and wellness, gyms, pet stores and veterinarians, closest to your location, presentation of virtual visits to the spaces that exist in the directory, detailed rating, premium exposure, the possibility of booking, mentoring to the inclusion and sustainability, sticker for creating identity and belonging to the iFlont community and / or vegan and / or cruelty free.

The standards to be present in the platform imply the need for the companies to have transversal behaviors, quality service provision, hygiene, social and environmental responsibility.

We are proud to belong to the iFlont world! Have a look at: https://iflont.com/!

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