Art d'Amour


The Art d’Amour brand arose from a love story! Love for lingerie, love for female empowerment, for self-esteem, love and complicity between its founders. Its main goal is to encourage women to love themselves more, to love their curves and imperfections, based on the principle that to feel confident and ready to conquer the world, it is important to start with lingerie!

It all started in Brazil, the nationality of the founder, where all the pieces are made. The workforce is 100% female and the production is small-scale, favoring the slow fashion concept!

digic was pleased to build the new e-commerce site, based on the WordPress/Woocommerce platform, which will be the lever for the brand’s growth internationally. Visit the store and let yourself be seduced!

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Isabelle Amorim & Luca Bauer

We are very happy and thankful!
You guys are wonderful and we are very happy with how everything is going.

Isabelle Amorim & Luca Bauer

Art d'Amour


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