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digic has a little over a year of existence, but is already mature in brand creation! Derma Clinic – a new project that is starting up – came to us to create its visual identity.

In a world where quality of life, wellness, healthy and aesthetically attractive appearance are increasingly a priority, Derma Clinic presents itself as a unique space to visit.

The application of aesthetic care, beauty, wellness promotion and premium treatment should not be trivialized. These are priorities for self-esteem and quality of life.

Derma Clinic facilities provide all the technical and structural conditions to perform treatments to its customers, in a serene environment, which refers to luxury and elegance, so that its customers feel young, attractive, relaxed and calm.

The Derma Clinic logo illustrates the clinic’s positioning.

The silhouette of the body in golden color signifies the “being” as a priority and luxury as a necessity for well-being and self-esteem.

The turquoise tone refers to serenity, peace and harmony.

The simplicity and clean look of the font used is intended to be the symbol of class and elegance that Derma Clinic represents.




customer feedback

Cátia Matos

Working with DIGIC is a no-brainer! The team is fast, available, attentive, light and problem solvers.
Work and expectation management is efficient, there is team thinking and not just individual task performance, and you feel the need to not have to say everything to get understanding flowing.
iFlont didn’t just have a service provider, it had a committed participant. Thank you DIGIC.

Cátia Matos


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