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The Freesandart project is more than a work carried out with enthusiasm and professionalism for digic.

It represents a commitment to something greater, in which we believe, that we want and should follow as a philosophy and way of life.

Freesandàrt mirrors an inner transformation of its author, which “materialized in the transformation of ‘trash’ into art,” according to its creator.

Freesandàrt is very much aligned with the concept of upcycling and with the circular economy and sustainability model. It is an example of sustainable and environmentally friendly art.

During her walks on the beach, the author collected plastic and wood. Initially motivated by beach cleaning, but soon the waste was seen through new “lenses” and, from then on, endless possibilities to transform something considered waste into art emerged. Thus began a virtuous cycle, where the vibrant colors of plastic and wood worn down by erosion inspired the creation of pieces and creativity began to flow. It was an intuitive, natural, and spontaneous process.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable because the waste that makes it up is also unique and unreplicable.

We are proud to have contributed to this noble project through the creation of the website:

Visit, explore this concept and order your art pieces!





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Inês Sancho

My experience with Digic was excellent!
I highly recommend their professionalism and efficiency with sensitivity and good taste.

Inês Sancho


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