The iFlont brand represents each one of us. It includes us in the need for health and well-being, environmental sustainability, respect for others and for animals.

Its claimer: “Commitment to myself” – says it all! Only by committing to ourselves, first and foremost, can we be well enough to commit to the greater causes and to our fellow man!

The standards of presence of companies on the platform imply the need for transversal behaviors, quality service provision, hygiene, social and environmental responsibility.

In this directory you will find the establishments closest to your location:

  • of the beauty area,
  • of esthetics and well-being,
  • gyms,
  • pet stores,
  • vets.

For everyone you can enjoy virtual tours of the spaces in the directory, detailed rating of each one, premium exposure, possibility of booking, mentoring to inclusion and sustainability, identity creation sticker and membership in the iFlont community and/or vegan and/or cruelty free.

Our team was honored to turn this idea and these values, into a concrete reality, in the digital world! Pay a visit to your new quality of life now: https://iflont.com/!

customer feedback

Cátia Matos

Working with DIGIC is a no-brainer! The team is fast, available, attentive, light and problem solvers.
Work and expectation management is efficient, there is team thinking and not just individual task performance, and you feel the need to not have to say everything to get understanding flowing.
iFlont didn’t just have a service provider, it had a committed participant. Thank you DIGIC.

Cátia Matos



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