29/05/2021 digic

WhatsApp backs off and won’t limit features to those who don’t accept new rules

May 15th was the deadline for acceptance of the new rules imposed by Facebook, and from then on, users would start losing features in their account. That decision now seems to have been revoked, with no new date given.

When presenting the new rules for using the service, WhatsApp was clear: These rules had to be accepted by all users in order to continue using the messaging service.

The date arrived and nothing changed. That position is now being countered, with a change by WhatsApp.

As reported to the press, and posted on their support page, “at this time, we have no plans to persistently display these reminders or to limit the app’s functionality.” They will continue “to display a notification in WhatsApp to provide more information about the update.”

This decision comes “after recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts.” In addition, they will not limit WhatsApp’s functionality for those who have not yet accepted the update.

From that moment on it tried to show that these new rules were necessary for the correct functioning of the service. Moreover, they would not break users’ privacy, even though they would share data with companies when using the service.

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